Our Approach

Bike Tourist Magazine is a bicycle magazine that is published to give people insight into how they can add bicycles to their vacation for just a few hours per day or for an entire day, regardless of where they travel to on vacation. Bike Tourism Magazine highlights bicycling as an activity that you can add to your vacation so your experience is unique, different, refreshing, and thrilling. You will have a growing supply of experiences such as sharing local customs, meeting new people, increasing family ties, personalizing your trip, and improving your pace and time.

We want to build lasting relationships with our readers by challenging and encouraging them to change their normal, routine vacation into one that gives them a healthy, convenient, hospitable, and people friendly experience. Your same old vacations will be new vacations and you will see things that you will not see on your typical vacation.


Our Story

There are emotional and physical benefits to riding bicycles. Where else can a person on vacation improve their life expectancy while riding bikes at their own pace and leisure? I do not want to ride my bicycle for 100 miles at 20 miles per hour along a narrow road outside of a city. I want to journey through a city at my own pace and on my schedule. I want to start and stop when the path presents a new experience, a new insight, a new coffee shop, a new beach, a new store, a new restaurant, and the list goes on.

Using a bicycle as the main means of transportation creates an incredible number of new things to see, do, experience, and enjoy. I launched Bike Tourist Magazine to share these new things and to introduce to my readers the ease of bicycle riding while on vacation.

Conrad Birmingham

Founder & Editor in Chief

Founder and Editor in Chief

I started Bike Tourist Magazine because there was not a good source of information on riding bicycles in cities as tourist. The bicycle magazines are for bicycle enthusiast who want to ride fast and far. There is nothing wrong with wanting to ride fast and far but it is hard to include all your family members who ride at different speeds, who are in varying physical condition, or who want to enjoy a bicycle ride. Your family might want to stop along their bicycle ride to enjoy whatever your family may stumble upon – delicious eateries, secluded beaches, quaint coffee shops, unique boutiques, fabulous views, hospitable local people, or insightful historical sites.

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